A is a letter who appears in many episodes of Alphabet adventures.

Biography Edit

Born Edit

A was born in a hospital near Greek Office, Ayb from the Armenian Script and Alpha from the Greek Script both got married due to their sounds. Ayb gave birth to A in 1998.

Tossed away Edit

A few minutes after birth, Alpha took A to the Greek Office to show his friends. A then rudely calls Theta an egg, enraging him. Alpha told the other Greek Letters to look after A while he goes for a loo, only to see the office trashed. Upsilon then throws the tiny letter off the 24-story building, Angering Alpha. However A landed on a soft, bouncy piece of paper, saving his life. The Cyrillic Letter Xi, the Cyrillic God Letter, Looks at him, saying that A will start a new alphabet.

A New Alphabet Edit

After the Greek Tragedy, A was alone, he needed friends. however, another letter, T, came by, asking if he wants to join the alphabet. A accepts. but A says that it can't be an alphabet with only 2 letters. then, 21 more letters came by. D, E, F, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, V, X, Z, Thorn, Eth, Æ and Wynn all joined A's New alphabet, which he will call "Latin".

Rejected Edit

5 Years later, Thorn, Eth and Wynn were kicked out. W joins too, so does Y and J. Infuriated, The three letters were swearing revenge on the 20 other letters. 3 months later, Eth nearly kills A, Thorn captures all the other letters, only for them all being saved by Alpha and Mu. U then joins, completing the 26 lettered alphabet. Æ then leaves for a holiday. Thorn and Eth then Retreat.

Another New Alphabet Edit

2 Years Later, A, along with C, E, O, X and Y set sail to a new island, waving their goodbyes to the other 20 letters. They arrive at the island. It looked just like theirs, but bigger. When the 6 letters arrive, they hear a hard voice shouting "WHADDYA MEAN, YERU?". It was a letter which looks like B, but with a backstroke. He then spotted the 6 letters and Yelled ATTACK! at the 6, then, 25 more letters emerge from the trees, charging at the 6 letters and beating them up A and his friends say to them that they surrender. the 26 wierd looking letters become their friends and introduce themselves. Meanwhile in Latinville, the island where the Latin and Greek alphabets live, Wynn threatened Eth and Thorn in a genocidal mission to go on a plane and bomb Latinville. This failed when C found the 2 nasty letters in the plane. A then feels home sick and throws up while C targets A at the plane, causing A to throw up 106km in the distance at the plane, blowing up the engine. the broken plane falls into the sea, While Eth and Thorn Swim away. The day was saved for the New island and Latinville.

Current Edit

A now spends most of the time with Yot and Hard Sign. Sometimes with Ze, or the number 3(don't tell Ze).

Trivia Edit

  • A had a very tragic childhood
  • A is the leader of the Latin Alphabet.
  • A also visits Hebrew island to meet his Cousin, Alef.
  • A has met Cyrillic Xi most of the time in his vision (even though he is eyeless). A even believes in him.