Alpha is a Letter.

Features Edit

Alpha is a Greek letter who has a green glyph with 2 tails on his right side. he has purple lips and no eyes, but he can illogically, still see.

Life Edit

Alpha was born in Greece in August 21st 1968 with his parents being An from the Georgian Script and Alef from the Hebrew script. Alpha spends most of his time studying in greek class with 23 pals. 10 years later, Eth, who is around 20 years old at the time, murdered An. Alef and Alpha retreated.

Soonly after, Beta wonders why Alpha is late. Alpha is sat on a Hercules statue with Alef at the bottom. the 23 other greek letters emerge from the fog and asks Alpha to escape. Alpha agrees and does so. Alef then goes and lives in Alpha's old home.

In his adult times, He and some of his pals work in the Greek Office and come up with new words to make. Ayb then encounters and even had him and Beta battle with, "Ayb". She looked different than Alpha. Alpha told Ayb that a mysterious letter, "Eth" Killed his mother. Alpha and Ayb then got married to avenge Alpha's mother, An.

A was born and Alpha was working. when A was 3 years old, Alpha took A to Greece where he once lived and met Alef, who is now 74 years old. Alef is relieved to have a grandson.

Alpha had revenge on Eth and even battled him soon after.