Ef's Time Machine is an upcoming episode of Alphabet Adventures.

Story Edit

A and C have a sleepover with Ef, one of the russian letters. Ef Shows A and C a Time Machine he made 6 weeks ago. A was surprised, C was devastated. Ef tells them it is dangerous and will lead to a timeline break. A and C agree to not use it. the 3 go off to bed. Meanwhile, Eth tells Wynn there is a Time Machine nearby. Wynn tells Eth to use it to murder A's Mother, Ayb, from the armenian alphabet, in the past, so A won't exist. Eth then sneaks through the shed window and turns on the time machine. the time machine asks Eth where to go. Eth says "1998, When Alpha and Ayb got married!". Eth when vanishes in the machine. the noise is so loud that A, C and Ef heard it. They go outside to see a blue blur fly in the sky. a letter falls down and says "Dear A, you don't know what's going on, but I travelled through time to Kill your Parents! HAAAHAHAHA!" - Eth. A fainted. Meanwhile, Eth was seen zooming by. He then turns into Insingular D. Eth then screams in pain. He then turns back into himself, but very elderly. he then says in an old voice, "I'm dying slowly!". He then turns into different variations of himself, until he lands in 1998, the Time when Ayb and Alpha got married. Eth then evilly stabs Ayb, causing Alpha to run off. Meanwhile, back in 2017, A starts to distort and glitch. Ef says that Eth is the one behind this. Ef, A and C then run off into the Machine. Ef says 1998, the 3 letters zoom by. While zooming by, A is glitching worser than ever. while landing in 1998, C tells A to disguise as Wynn to fool Eth into not killing Ayb. which A did. the glitching is like the glitching Hologram of Wynn. Eth then dosen't kill Ayb and Runs off into the time machine. A, C and Ef chase him into the machine. the 4 letters zoom in back to the present. while zooming through years, C blindfolds Eth, A, who isn't glitching Anymore, Covers Eth's mouth while Ef drags him out and tells him to go away. C says that this is the edgiest night he ever had. Alpha and Ayb return to have Ayb say, "A, i'm so glad you're safe. I saw a holographic letter telling Eth not to kill me, then i saw it was a trick!". A froze for a second and lies, telling it WAS Wynn. Phi comes in and says what all the noise is. and says to Ef, "EF, ARE YOU BEING RICK AND MORTY AGAIN?". Ef says it to stop a timeline break. the episode ends.

Cast Edit

  • A
  • Alpha (non-speaking cameo)
  • Ayb
  • B (cameo)
  • Ve (cameo)
  • C
  • Eth
  • In-singular D (form of Eth)
  • Wynn
  • Thorn (cameo)
  • Ef
  • Phi
  • H (cameo)
  • Eta (cameo)
  • Hard Sign (voice only) (grey replica cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • The episode is based on the film: "Free Birds".
    • The scene where A disguises as Wynn to Fool Eth is similar to a scene in the same film where Reggie as The Great Turkey gives Young Jake his destiny.
  • This is the first episode to feature Time travelling.
  • This is the first episode to be animated.

Errors Edit

  • Hard Sign is seen gray in the wedding scenes
  • When Eth goes in the machine, the time machine says 1789 instead of 1987.