There are lots of politics that happen in Alphabet World. Here is a list of them all. More will be added soon.

Latinville (Latin and Greek) Edit

  • Letters from this island speak either British or Greek
  • Wynn, Thorn and Eth's antagonistic traits are due to their rejection in the Old English Alphabet.
  • Letters that make sounds other than A B K D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z CH SH ZH TH NG, MB, AR, ER, OR, EE, OO, OW, IRE, ERE, URE or ARE will not be allowed. (C and K make the same sound.)
  • Each Letter can have different traits.
  • On this island, the letter Mu ( Mr. Micro ) runs a shop with the most tiniest things, so mall you need to look at it through a microscope.
  • Letters can only get married when they have the same sound. (the genes which letters have to say them)

Cyrillicland (before Yusification) Edit

  • Yusification means it has been destroyed by Big Yus.
  • Letters from Latin or Greek (apart from A, C, E, I, O, U, D, Y, Q, W and J) aren't allowed.
  • Cyrillic F has a Time Machine, but it's dangerous as it leads to dangerous side-effects, like De-evolution, where your glyph changes into an old glyph or an older glyph, or the Rapid-age, where you turn into a baby or an elderly, luckiy, the effects wear off when you land.