Vietnamese Vacation is a game based on the series "Alphabet Adventures".

Plot Edit

After a nice vacation to a new region, The letters fall through a large trap.

Recruitable Characters Edit

Commons Edit

  • A (unlocked at the beginning)
  • Ð
  • E
  • G
  • I
  • L
  • N
  • O
  • R
  • S
  • T

Rares Edit

  • Ă
  • Â
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • Ê
  • M
  • Ô
  • P
  • Y
  • Q
  • V
  • X
  • Ơ
  • Ư

Native Scope Letters Edit

These letters are only available in certain months of the year. The letters are letters you don't even see in the Vietnamese Language. F, J, W and Z are examples.

Month Letter Area Special Skill Recruit Level
Jan ΠMagma Falls Erratical Blast 35
Feb Ɛ Egypsey Gypt Eat 25
Mar Ж Hazey Desert Drill Out 43
Apr Ω Cakey Crazy Junkyard Leg Crush 51
May Π Digital Land Three Point One Four 29
Jun Δ Digital Land Form Force 31
Jul Й Sound Plains Breve Sword 9
Aug Ъ Rythimic Rumble Roar 13
Sep Ա Sound Plains Tick Slash 50
Oct Egypsey Gypt Coil 39
Nov Ƿ Magma Falls Meteor Crash 68
Dec Þ Icicly Cave Ice Breath 44

The next 4 letters can only be obtained once.

Letter Method Level Special Skill
F Use P and H in a duo battle, defeat or befriend any letter 24 Flap Crush
J Find him in the blue Quaver note in the Rythimic Rumble 20 Jumper
W Challenge him to a battle as V, who needs to be at least Level 30. 30 Weep Wash
Z Beat the Game. 80 Zig-Zag-Zoom

Unused/Beta data Edit

  • Models, Sound effects and even textures and animations for all unobtainable letters from The Cyrillic alphabet, the archaic letters, the Greek Letters, the Coptic letters and Eth. Scanning them in to the game from the Follow-up game remake of the first two Cyrillic movies will cause Beta to pop up and say "Wow, a letter not in Vietnamese? wow, so cool..
  • J's dialogue when he's first met originally had him say "Hey, mate, i'm feelin' right spastic and joyful today!". However, in UK releases, the quote was changed to "Hey, mate, i'm feelin' right erratically joyful today!", due to Spastic being offensive in the UK.
  • G's Gurgle Glop attack was originally called "Grip Git". It was changed to prevent controversy.
  • October's Native Scope letter was originally Ϭ (Coptic Shima), not long until he was replaced by ß (Eszett) due to Shima's Special Skill, Shima Shacle, being too overpowered.
  • Z was originally going to be a rare letter instead of being obtainable.
  • Y's faint animation in the Beta release originally had him fall on his face, rather than fall on his back in the full release.