Watching a Movie is the First short of Alphabet Adventures.

Plot Edit

The Cyrillic letter Ya (Я) comes up and questions to the viewers if they wan't to see a movie about Hard Sign, Soft Sign and Yeru (Ъ, Ь and Ы Respectively) and brings all the Latin Letters, Greek Letters and Cyrillic Letters to see the movie with him. A few minutes later, Я is here with all the Letters. X wonders what it's about. Я says it's about Ъ. Й complains about it. but gets used to it, snuggling with Ч. when Chi tells Й to stop it, which Й follows him. Ю and J also complain. Й apologises. Then A says how exciting he is to Alpha. Then a far view showing Ѯ floating above, inspecting it, and then starts to watch too. he sat on a blue disk with colourful pillars around it. the video then cuts back to Я sitting in the gap. Lambda gets really excited much to G telling him to shut up. Ъ, Ь and Ы arrive late, just before the movie starts. They sit at the front. Worrying that they will block everyone. U says that they can still see. The movie Starts, showing a letter called ЪI. The narrator called him "Scrubbed Yer". He was so impressiant that he wished there are 2 of him. He wished that, then he exploded into 3 letters. The letters are revealed to be Ъ, Ь and Ы. Ъ tries to merge with Ь and Ы. Then Й says that he didn't know that Ъ was ЪI. И tells Й to shup up and watch the movie. then a green pillar falls on Й and a few other letters. И gets really angry and tells who threw it. Ѯ apologises and says that he dropped it onto Upsilon's butt, whom which he uses as a 'butt-scratcher' at Ъ. Ы chases Upsilon, while Ь stays and watches the movie. In the movie, Ъ, Ь and Ы try to re-merge, but they toss themselves and try again. They Give up, stating that they look like letter B's, trapped seperately. They then walk away. the video cuts back to Upsilon with his 'butt-scratcher' saying he is finished. Ъ says it's painful. Ы tried to stop him, Infuriated, U tells Upsilon to come back and watch the movie, which he does. Ъ goes to get pop-corn. in the movie, Ъ tells everyone all about him and the Russian alphabet. Э bursts in and throws Ъ out and tells everyone there is a yellow number three somewhere! З yells out "RIIOOOOOOTT!" and everyone goes rabid! Ъ returns to see destruction. Й says "This fat three on TV, destroyed our movie and caused a riot!". З says that Э called him a number three. Й tries to sneak away and pretend nothing happened, until Eth says that he liked the movie, until Э came in. Lambda questions if his singing is better. Everyone did a mini-riot. an outro with Я happens and the episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first short
  • There is a theory by the creator that the reason Yat(Ѣ) wasn't part of ЪI was because He wasn't related.
  • There is another theory that Hard Sign didn't come for popcorn, but to tell everyone about Russian.
  • The Э that caused the riot might be Є.